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The Kingston Trio

The Kingston Trio . . . considered just a fun loving group of three college students in 1958 didn't fit into the traditional or "ethnic" definition of "Folk Music."  The style of Dave Guard, Nick Reynolds and Bob Shane, the original founding members, was simple: " sing, entertain and have a damn good time." And they DID!

The Trio is rightfully credited to be the first and most influential group to "take" old original folk songs [Woody Guthrie, The Weavers, Pete Seeger, Odetta, Robeson, Belafonte] dust them off and adapt new lyrics. According to Bob Dylan "The first thing that turned me on to folksinging was Odetta . . . from Odetta, I went to Harry Belefonte, the Kingston Trio, little by little uncovering more as I went along."*  Both Dave Guard and his 1960 replacement, John Stewart, learned the 5-string banjo from Pete Seeger's book:
"How To Play The 5-Sting Banjo." George Grove continues the tradition today playing a Vega 5-string long neck.

San Antonio, Texas Interview
 [L-R] Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane and George Grove

Their first Capital Records album " The Kingston Trio" featured some of their most famous signature songs: "Tom Dooley," " Hard, Ain't It Hard,"  " Three Jolly Coachman,"  " Sloop John B,"  " Coplas,"  " Little Maggie." and Bob Shane's "Scotch and Soda."

Folk Music Archives recently interviewed the Trio in San Antonio when Nick Reynolds, a founding 1958 member performed his last full-time performance with the group during a concert with the San Antonio Symphony.

Bob Shane continues the Kingston tradition with long time veteran George Grove. Nick makes special appearances and also performs with John Stewart on occasion. George Grove has been the essential "driving force" of Trio for over twenty years - - his talent, understanding and commitment to both The Kingston Trio and their music - - according to many "is the reason the Trio is still able to perform to the acceptance of real KT fans." George is rightfully considered  not just a "performer" who sings KT songs - - he is an "original member" with extraordinary talent. The legacy of The Kingston Trio will have five names: Dave Guard - Nick Reynolds - Bob Shane - John Stewart and George Grove.

Photo Above: Nick Reynolds
FolkMusicArchives 2001

*Quote from Bob Dylan: "Behind the Shades" [revisited] : Bob Dylan, by author: Clinton Heylin. Publisher: William Morrow. Page of quote: p33. Library of Congress Cataloging- in-Publication has been applied for:  ISBN 0-688-16593-1 


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